Special Announcements

What's new with Marty/Stylist...


...today is Wednesday April 21st, 2021.  California businesses are beginning to return to a fully open status and we all can see the light of a June 15th 2021 goal where all CA business will be 100% open!


Marty / Stylist is a one on one experience and as our economy inches closer to open and fully vaccinated with herd immunity announced, all State safety measures are still very much in place and there for your safety and confidence that Marty / Stylist is a Covid-19 Safe experience.


Marty / Stylist will continue: 

  • Guest health assessment prior to entering the Salon Republic location;

  • Allowing guests to avoid risks when arriving at Salon Republic:

    • UVGI Lighting in the AC ducts;

    • Street Parking;

    • No parking attendants and open parking in the Building lot;

    • Ability to avoid elevators to Marty/Stylist studio; 

    • Entering Marty/Stylist studio where there is no loitering.


I believe that we still need to have proper planning for any outing in LA and continue avoiding times or places where gatherings happen.  It is immensely important to me that I have open communication so I may continue to offer the best possible guest experience.

Please help me and follow all the guidelines laid out for us so we can make 2021 the year that we all came together as a community and see the end of Covid-19!


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


I proudly use the West Coast Premier Advanced Coloration Color System. My choice is strongly due to .05% ammonia and the color is specially formulated to deliver long-lasting color, complete grey coverage, and superior conditioning!


After years of random product recommendations, Unite Haircare came to LA and swooped me off my feet!  It enhances the health and style of the hair while not affecting your pocket book!  I'm thrilled!


Newsha Private  Haircare is new to my lineup!  It offers a brilliant NON TOXIC approach to Thermal Hair Straightening.  The Newsha Rescue treatment in conjuction with the haircare is my go to product.